Top traits of great design leaders


I was fortunate to see a great presentation by Michael Ditullo at Strukur Conference 2017 the other week, where he spoke about the top traits of great design leaders.

Michael is a pretty top notch character in the world of design. With an interesting and successful background paired to a very visionary outlook. His presentation on design leadership referenced key characters in the history of Industrial Design, like Raymond Lowey, Eliot Noyse and Walter Dorwin Teague to name a few.

Here are Micheal’s top 4 traits of great design leaders.

  1. Expansive Thinking
  2. Dissatisfaction with the status quo
  3. A teachers disposition
  4. The ability to manage up and down with success and ease.

A couple of interesting side words that come up during the Q&A that I wholeheartedly believe in.

“make people feel uncomfortable, if they feel comfortable it means they have already seen it from their competition” – this relates to pushing the boundaries and creating a vision and at the end of the day doing your job, not recreating the old.

“i make it a goal to have that feeling like I am almost going to get fired” – this relates to the aspect of design making a change, challenging the status quo and having the tough conversations that move things forward.

Check out Michael here

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