Design Thinking for business

What is DT for business?


DT is a process which uses designers tools combined with different styles of thinking to solve problems.

If we think about this in a broad context, it can be used to solve very discrete problems or huge social or business problems. DT is appealing for business owners where an end consumer or user is involved, because it helps optimize the experience and strengthen the business.

The chart below maps out the process and explains critical information:

Thinking style
This gives you an indication of how your mind should be operating at a given point. Should you be narrowing down ideas? or expanding and generating more ideas? Converging and Diverging methods are very important to get a good handle on a situation and designer’s tools are designed specifically for those reasons.

This is the name of the stage in the process, it’s either Framing, Concept or Develop

This describes the type of activities we are coming from and where we are headed to.

Stage Goal
This describes in simple terms the goal of that particular stage. It’s there to add clarity to a more complex process.


It should also be noted that Service Design, Digital UX, UI Design and CX Design, plus some brand development use Design Thinking,  where the process may or not vary.

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