Future Computers

Untitled_Artwork 22

A more “explorer” oriented bike computer. A few features of this design could be really exciting.

1) the “preempt display” on the right of unit – for navigating a route, this shows you exactly how your turn is going to manifest  before getting there, it can be really useful at messy unclear intersections and could avoid a lot of confusion.

2) – the button on the left (activate map drop) , this button when pressed auto fires up a mobile app on your iphone it auto loads up a high res OSM map and pin drops your location on it instantly. Allowing for advanced navigation- It could be used for times of “where the f am i ? ” or times of emergency. A smooth user experience maximizing the hq screen of a phone.

3) because the unit is larger – a large space in the unit for a larger battery and electronics allowing for longer trips and powering emergency lights / cell phones

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