Saddleroll v3 Hot Pink!

Following earlier development of Saddle Roll Version 2 here, I continued down the path of refining and working on details.

The aesthetic is important and the bike industry has a large emphasis on custom color of accessories and gear, just like the smartphone industry with it’s plethora of cases and finishes. I put together some color pallets using swatches I know of in fabrics that are achievable. My emphasis was on the trendy pop colors of Cyan and Purple but then also some classic combo’s of Navy, Orange, Grey

Modifying the details – Development is looking at the details and improving them, so I decided to modify a few physical details from v2. When I was grabbing materials I realized the pink and purple vibe is really strong!

– I improved the internal flap shape, main difference is left and right edges have a more gradual curve instead of angle, a shape that is visually pleasing , folds easier and better to sew.

– The spacing of the pockets is very dependent on the spare tube you are carrying in the middle pockets. The centre pocket on v2 flanked with 60mm wide side pockets, this was an on the fly edit for a larger tube size. This may have been too much. My original design had 75mm side pockets, so I decided I wanted to try that on v3.

– This brings me to the concept of pocket for the middle. It’s a pocket and to hold a inner tube which normally goes there it has to be a certain size depending on tube size. One of my thoughts was instead of pocket, to use an elastic band system.

The new roll came out well and I didn’t even realize that I lacked shots on the bike, so here are some, the new pink on the bike

pink roll on bike

Here are some shots of the inside of the saddle roll. In this case you can see the flap modifications and also the dividers between the pockets is different. In this version I experimented with a different bias tape in purple, its a little thicker and harder to sew with.

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