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Cabinetry specs for Liebherr 1651 Refrigerator here

General Use & Care Manual for Liebherr 16 series here

Servicing Manual for Liebherr Fridge Freezer combo here

Parts link here


Preventative: On the back of the refrigerator wall there is a small shelf to collect condensation, this shelf drains to a small hole. Male sure this small hole is kept clean oof debris. A cue tip can do that.


Servicing Bathroom fans here


Front Door Closer Adjustment here


Our units made by carrier and they are the heat pump kind which uses water to transfer energy (high efficiency). this means that the unit is plumbed in to the condo system and relies on the overall building system working.

In the winter time if there is a failure with the whole buildings heat water system then you might find your heat in your unit might not work, so its worth checking with the concierge and / or your neighbour’s.

there are a few common failures with our system:

1. The most common failure is not changing filters. They need to be the high flow filters (aka cheap ones, most are about $6) and they need to be changed every six months. If you use more expensive higher rated MERV filters, you will have issues.

2. General leaks in the coolant system can occur leading to the unit closing down and not working. These maybe large or small. small ones can be temporarily voted by using an inline coolant filler which the repair guy installs, be prepared though, this might not last forever.

3. Water Valve Solenoid. This sometimes fails either causing it to be erratic or causing it to stay stuck open – throws an error code, or stuck closed – causes no heat transfer. Fortunately there is two fixes, the first is manually leave it open all the time. Second is replace, and you don’t need to solder in a new one, its a replaceable core.

2. Failure of thermal expansion and contraction value sometimes called TACO valve. This is not super common but it can fail. It’s a few thousand to replace.

4. Large leaks tend to form in one of the evaporator coils. On these units a new coil is typically $2500 and 6-8hrs of labor to replace, plus new coolant. Leaving you with a $3500 bill.

What Size filters do I have?

x30: 2nd bath ceiling, 2 – 18×18

x31: Closet in 2nd bath, 1- 28×30

x32: hall closet, 1-24×24

x33: master bath ceiling, 2 – 18×18

x34: bath ceiling, 2 – 18×18

x35: master bath ceiling, 2- 18×18

(1135: master bath ceiling, (1) 18x24x1-installed new HVAC system-2021)

x36:2nd bath ceiling, 2 – 18×18,

x37: 2nd bedroom closet. 1- 28×30,  

Penthouse Units:
31 & 33:
 2 – 18×18, /$10 each,

30, 34 & 32: 2-18×18 in laundry room unit: plus

2-20×20 in master bedroom unit:

(1534: laundry room unit (1) 18x24x1 – master bedroom closet (2) 14x20x1-installed new HVAC system-2021)


In general the building has fast internet. If you are on wi-fi and experiencing slow speed the first thing to do would be to restart your wi-fi router.

In most cases if you plug your device straight into the wall via the Ethernet cable, you will find the fastest speeds. This is useful to know for people who are video conferencing and can wire their laptop straight in. You can also do this with your smart TV which will allow for fastest streaming vs over wi fi.

Assuming your oldest technology is the wi-fi router, If your wi-fi router is over 7 years old you may benefit from buying a new unit. may.

to get techy…
WiFi 6 is the latest and greatest also called AX.
Wi Fi 5 is the last generation, also called AC
Wi Fi 4 is an old generation, also called N
You can google your routers name and model number and it will tell you what “wi fi” it is.
Wi Fi 5 and 6 are fine. If you are on 4, it’s probably time to upgrade and you will see some benefit.

You can measure the relative speed of your connection by searching for Speed Test, run it a few times to get an average number. For comparative reasons here are my tests, taken at the same time, Feb 15th

On Wi Fi 4 we get 55 / 50 (Download / Upload)
After the switch (aka hardwired to laptop) we get 70 /90
Before the switch we get 100 / 130