People ask me if i’m an engineer or an artist, that’s always a tough question. My response is “I’m a creative mind with design discipline, which helps me to make things better”…

I like making better things and from there on it’s an easy conversation. What kind of things or what do you mean by better? – then a chat about improved consumer products, experiences or consumer businesses takes place

All too often design is though of as making something look good, when really that’s “styling”, which no doubt is important, but the way that designer think can do more than that – I help companies become more successful using consumer-based design thinking –I help solve problems or identify ways/areas to improve situations and experiences with products. My work is scale-able so that it can help on a consumer, business and maybe even the bigger picture of industries/societies level.


My process of creation considers the critical triad of humans, business and technology. Fundamentally I overlay a human-centered approach to innovation. With experience working from research, concept and production to get to results that really matter with consumers and humans! I use design methods to creatively connect the dots resulting in – design and experiences that consumers desire.

Humans, society, culture and technology are ever changing, we need to understand this and make better for the greater good.


we design – we create value. Value for businesses, value for retailers, value for consumers. We create things that people desire, value and ultimately cherish.