Bike Light Sketch

Quick bike light design. Main features:
-Large area light and storage inside
-Attaches to a common engineering point- the rear angled seat rails.
– 2 part design housing, Cleanly and simply held together with 4 high power magnets.
– No faffing, easy to access the inside as the front snaps off.  No messing with bloody zippers or rolls and clips that are a large pain in the arse.



Sketch Tuesday

Generate some ideas and get the conversation started

What if we went to market with something so simple? something that consumers would love, yet not a big deal on the pocket then go from there.

A quick sketch regarding bike lights, how can one make them small, highly desirable and integrate with other pieces of kit. Easy, the technology has come a long way with led’s and power sources, now small compact and easy to attach via simple methods.

A company could come out with a line of products that address the flexibility needs of a consumer pretty easy to make a point of differentiation in the market. Create a brand and expand into other areas.

Led Lights for bicycle

Chrome Kadet Photo Mods

The Chrome Kadet is pretty cool, its a small over the shoulder messenger bag. I would do a couple of things to make it a bit more bike friendly, which would include a camera mod for a smaller mirrorless camera setup and maybe some new materials to breathe better in the straps and back panel. This would be a great gravel grinder companion, for gear and photos.



Bicycle Linework

Some linework for a bicycle design that I have been working on for a while, in the background. The bike is a mixed up, a combination of an all season aero inspired road bike, but interestingly the fork, headset area has some strong design language that give it an “S” Vibe. After going through a lot of configurations and geometry tweaks I decided on some classic road wheelbase, I’m imagining that the frame is carbon and the integrated rear fender is cleverly detachable. I played around with the large mid surface and breaking it up a bit, but ended up liking the full encapsulated style, maybe an area for branding but a vey visually different and future style. Sort of reminded me of the Trek Y bikes when they came around in the mid 90’s and how striking they were.