Design Thinking Sessions

Design thinking is a way to tackle complex problems and create solutions for businesses.

Design thinking studio is a series of sessions that I put together to help people think and use tools like a designer.

Using a process of human empathy and innovation, the series teaches you how to start off on the right path, rather than randomly investing time and money into ideas to see if they might work.

In the entrepreneurial world, “Pivoting” refers to a point in the business development where you make a notable change in direction which affects your path forward, a pivot may come from an insight that something is not working or could be better.

Applying this design thinking to innovation minimizes the number of pivots needed – a shorter path to a product brand or service. Less costly, more effective or a more mature solution, design thinking only leads to a better solution.

DT Studio helps you think in a consumer experience oriented manner from start to finish, thus leading to a more sustainable business proposition or solution. The classes will teach you by using DT tools and techniques that can be applied to any new venture, new design, a new experience where a consumer is involved. This multi-day workshop will be useful to you if you are considering running a new business, have a need to develop new innovations, if you are an entrepreneur or if you have an existing business that you wish to take to the next level.

Areas covered in the workshop include:
– Conducting research and identifying Insights
– Establishing a winning POV
– Co-creation, Making, prototyping and crafting
– Business and consumer evaluation
– Viability & Feasibility networks
– Communication of meaning(s)

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