Overview Folio

I concept and create product designs and brand experiences that are designed for consumers. I’m passionate about bringing designs to life in a meaningful manner using creative problem solving that builds on vision and research

2D  |  3D   | Strategy  |  Brand

Classically Trained.

Classically trained as a product designer in the U.K. and worked for many years to hone the craft in various corporations and agencies, leading design and design teams. Plus experience in business and marketing enables us to step back and connect to the big picture. This allows the space to think about design in a strategic manner that works for the longterm of business.

Material Craft.

Design for manufacture was an important part of a British education and I have experience designing with many materials including steel, wood, many types of plastics and fabrics. Along with the materials I also understand real world production techniques including the manufacturing and construction associated with each to enable faster, better designs.

Human Curiosity.

Consumers are critical to the design process. Users cannot tell you exactly what to design, but with a little coercing they can help you understand how to design better. By adding consumer insights and understanding data that already exists we can create valuable innovations that people desire and find high value in.

Understanding Consumers

Creating to conquer.

Physical prototyping allows us to learn quickly and identify design things we would not have found in software alone. Entrepreneurs call this “pivoting” when they need to adjust the business plan. I like creating soft and hard prototypes using flexible processes to get to those realizations and make good design decisions. Paper mockups or foam, sewing machines to 3d prints are the tools of the trade that can help communicate as well as learn and develop.

Making Prototypes

Sketching and ideation

Branding, Design & Business

One of my more powerful aspects is due to my mixed experience in product development and brand. MBA’s taught me a lot about theoretical business and the real world taught me about the real business :).  I use this wisely so I am often at the intersection of product design and brand story telling to create items which people really crave, told with meaningful stories.

Telling brand stories:

Creation of print catalogs, dealer collateral, industry adverts and product packaging

Design for digital and web

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