All Terrain Video is an innovative solution to a common office problem. This was a quick fun project working with a high tech group. This was a little bit of a goofy project, but a nice demonstrator of prototyping to solve problems and also a project that brought together a small team of people to collaborate on a task. A quick hands-on project to innovate around a common corporate office problem.

Corporations have numerous meeting rooms and poor AV solutions is a common place. In-room setups are often low quality visual and audio which is not good for presentations let alone pitches with impact. Dubious software, dodgy projectors, too many wires, failing auto detectors, missing remote controls, hard to reach remote power outlets and wires everywhere. Overall these setups are not user-friendly requiring adapters and remote selections, synchronizations and often suck up 10mins of meeting time, each meeting, costing the company money and the employee’s frustration.

Design featured:

  • Wireless TV to PC connection.
  • No need to plug in – 7.5hr battery life.
  • High-quality clear HD screen.
  • Easy to transport – Rotatable screen to maximize screen size while still being easy to transport and navigation through doorways.
  • Automatic input (no button or menus to cycle through)
  • Fast to set up and get going.

Almost an instant-on solution, just plug the HDMI in the laptop and turn the cart on. No other plugs. No power cords, or wall wires or software and menu selections.
This means quicker meeting starts, less wasted time and high quality AV.

A tall durable dolly was chosen modified to include a welded rotational TV mount at a good viewer height to support a 60″ high definition monitor (found relatively cheap at Best Buy). The dolly had some additional grab handles welded to make it even easier to move, Electronics are powered by a 12/120 inverter wired to a heavy duty marine battery which powers the system for 7.5hrs on full draw. The battery also acted as a weight to keep the unit stable, without fear of tipping, while still being full manoeuvrable. All electronics were secured and insulated and a custom harness for the battery.

For the PC interface, the unit was fitted with HDMI technology from Nyrus wirelessly connecting the monitor to a computer so with power the unit became completely wireless, no wall cords or signal cords. Video and Audio are carried on the Nyrus, so audio comes from the TV. Employee operation was simplified, simply plug the transmitter into the HDMI slot on your PC and turn on the power on the portable ATV unit. It automatically powers up, syncs and connects video and audio signal. No cables, no fuss, and the unit is up and running in less than one minute, not 10 or 15.

Update: Since making this project, it has been used a lot, the main advantage is that it is fast and high quality. One of the drawbacks is irresponsible people forget to charge it! (It has a 7hr portable battery life)