Cargo Design

Careful evaluation of user needs lead to the cargobox design in 3 sizes. The CITY box is the smallest and shortest and works with smaller hatchback vehicles, perfect for that extra storage for city vehicles. The RAMBLER is a larger box that suits 3-5 people for a camping adventure, due to its larger capacity the shape is larger and better suited to longer roofline vehicles, cuv’s and suv’s. The ALPINE is a cargo box specifically designed for ski / snowboard use, it’s slim and long to accommodate cross-country ski’s. It is also useful for people who want to use the width of their vehicle to also carry bicycles.
The design was crafted so that the top and lower shells were nest-able to reduce packaging and space in shipping. This also led to optimizing the design for assembly, so it can be constructed in a small amount of time at retail.

my role: Lead Designer
Credits: Dave Condon and Chris Sautter