Pinnacle Brand

I developed a new brand strategy, visual attributes and messaging to create an entirely new user experience. Part of the problem was that Pinnacle had no brand system and the experience suffered, The old Pinnacle brand dna was solely immersed in three words Design. Build. Manage. The message had no structure beyond this and there was an opportunity to emotionally connect with the customer on the WHY of the business instead of only leveraging the WHAT. Close competition and the rest of the exhibit industry leverages the same proposition, they design, build and manage to different degrees. It’s not a unique or memorable proposition.

Going one beyond and looking at how to connect with the consumer & their values in this situation was key to building a new brand foundation.

In dire need of a new website, Pinnacle was not making the best impression on potential clients since it had not been updated for over 5 years. Technology had changed and the old website was not responsive or optimized for today’s mobile hardware and software platforms. I used the development of the new website as a springboard for the new approach, look and voice for the future.

This website launched June 1st 2015





The brand foundations leading up to this are Here: Pinnacle_Strategy_22

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