Pocket Roll

Project Six: Pocket Roll (tool roll)


You ride your bike a lot, maybe you are a commuter, use your bike for work or just ride everyday kinda person. This leads to a couple of situations.

a) you have multiple bikes, your under saddle tool bag is in different states of “intactness” it’s a hassle keeping up.
b) you lock your bike in a public place, you would rather have a tool roll in your bag or pocket to save the hassle by removing your under saddle every day.
c) It’s personal, you don’t like on the appearance of under saddle bike tool rolls, you like the feel of a lighter bike.


My development method was simply to create, test, refine and recreate. I am currently on V7 of my pocket roll. Below you can see the stages of my development, the latest is the blue one, it’s turning out to be pretty successful.


Key Features of the Blue tool roll v7

  • Large capacity! rolls very small, since the objects tesselate.
  • Semi-transparent rip stop nylon – durable and you can see into the pockets for small items.
  • Internal pocket configuration holds many different types/sizes of multi-tool.
  • With credit card, the roll sits really nicely in a jersey pocket due to the flat credit card.
  • Designed so tools / objects don’t fall out.
  • Adjustable velcro.
  • Future path to add straps so it could be attached under saddle.

Currently holds a lot of stuff in a small space, but here are my contents :: Pedros tyre leverTraditional patches and small glue, Adhesive-less patches, Money in bills or credit card, Spare / master chain link, Tyre boots, Sandpaper, valve extenders and spare vale, Spoke wrench and valve core tool, Multi-tool of many sizes,

The Original Plan

Prototype & Development :-

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