Pink and Purple Tool Roll

I had a ton of Etsy orders of recent, so I have been making a lot. Because I make custom stuff, some of it I think is really cool and some not so much (personal taste), this one I thought turned out pretty cool looking and with the right bike will look really good.

For those of you who have not seen this before, it’s called a B-Roll. I designed it a few years back after frustrations with big, clunky, ugly fred sled saddle bags. It carries a shed load of stuff, in a small, rattle free and easy to use package.

So nowadays I make them in custom configurations and colors and some people like that. Most people choose the semi transparent white ripstop pockets, but the clear ones are my favourite, to see things.

One of the things people love is to match them to their bike. I have had quite a few orders for people with Breadwinner bicycles.