Bucky SaddleRoll V1 & V2

Its true that boredom can drive creativity. I was bored one day and desided to design a tool roll. Given my obsession with bikes and gear (buckyrides.com) it does make sense, and its not a bad place to start since I have access to the items to design around. This is a minimal tool roll that attaches to a bike.

1. I started planning this on paper riffing off my previous design, but this time I was going to wrap a band around the outside to attach to the bike. But the essence was similar, I wanted good access. I drew some basic shapes to scale with the proportions I needed. I folded bits of paper and studied material before moving onto a canvas prototype to dial in sizes and see if my edge new binding would work.

2. After creating the first canvas proto, I looked at some other designs on the web, many were waxed cotton and I decided I wanted more durability. I had set my mind on a heavy waterproof Cordura and this also allowed me to keep 1 layer, allowing for lighter weight. At some point (not sure when) I became inspired to make clear pockets so you could easily see the contents or lack of. In my prior design, I used a semi transparent sailcloth, but this time I was inspired to go full clear. I found some stretchy sewable PVC film and gave it a go. Onto proto v2:-

3. I made the bike attachment strap from a wider Military spec webbing so it can be cinched down hard without fear of breaking, this was important because I wanted it to snug on the bike really tight. Movement and flopping on the bike is not an acceptable option, so I had to mess around with the proportions of hook and loop on the strap. I made it size adjustable by having a double size patch of loop so that the hooks could stick in multi positions.

4. I had to modify the pockets to make them more durable / support for the topstich between the pockets. I used some trimmed grosgrain strips and bit of care in execution looked good too.

5. One of the tings I like about sewing is realizations made when sewing and testing. At one point I placed the roll on my bike and it lead to the idea to position a reflective hit for safety, so I positioned it in the best place and made it look like a cool tag, just popping off the side. Coincidentally this worked well with the grey and black scheme.

6. The design was pretty successful, it secured to the bike great, the functionality was spot on. Not stoked about the colors, but it’s material I had around and the transparent pockets seemed to work. This was lot more successful than most similar stage v2 prototypes. Since then I have since modified the design, mainly the shape of the flap to make folding and sewing easier.

Cordura 1000D
Mil Spec 39mm Webbing
Plastic D Loop
Transparent Sewable PVC
Color Pop Pull Tab – nylon 1″ Webbing
Grosgrain Trim
Hook and Loop same width as strap

7. Field Testing , I’m a big beliver in making things better through itterative prototyping and real world use. I gave v2 to my friend Dustin to test and provide more feedback before I get into designing and prototyping v3.

Post ride- Dustin you don’t have a fender, should I be designing for Mud?
Dustin’s setup

8. The great thing about this design is that it’s easy to customize. Future color explorations are in the works, and can make it interesting. Fun and playful, subtle and serious or even matched to your bike. These should be up in v3. Im just in the process of working out the trim details.

9. At the moment I am set up to make small batches, so send me a message if you fancy one. I’m currently getting setup to make a small batch in different colors, not just the one shown above. There are technically still prototypes, but shoot me an e mail with your fav colors and we can see what we can do

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Metal bike hook

A quick sketch idea for a bike hook / rack that can be formed from a single piece of metal. The shape being laser cut with holes and reliefs.

The idea being of a simple low waste, efficient to ship that users can assemble themselves.

a rubber wheel protector piece would be supplied or the user could be super cool and wrap the hook with reused inner tubes to be even more eco .



Sketch Tuesday

Generate some ideas and get the conversation started

What if we went to market with something so simple? something that consumers would love, yet not a big deal on the pocket then go from there.

A quick sketch regarding bike lights, how can one make them small, highly desirable and integrate with other pieces of kit. Easy, the technology has come a long way with led’s and power sources, now small compact and easy to attach via simple methods.

A company could come out with a line of products that address the flexibility needs of a consumer pretty easy to make a point of differentiation in the market. Create a brand and expand into other areas.

Led Lights for bicycle

What the heck is DT?

Design Thinking Explained…


I had a hard time understanding this “design thinking” – I feel a lot of people do. Most people think of Design as an object or artefact, but this refers to “design” in the context of doing. Part of the problem is that the word is unfamiliar and it doesn’t really tell me what it actually does, and the benefit is not instantly implied because used together the words become vague or some would say common sense. Continue reading “What the heck is DT?”

User centered design can help make the perfect business cake!

If you’re in a successful business you probably think a lot about your future consumers.


The best brands and large companies have something in common — they serve what I call “perfect cake”. This means the consideration and delivery of a whole consumer experience from start to finish. This is in contrast with some businesses who focus on a solitary layer — the product layer for example. Continue reading “User centered design can help make the perfect business cake!”

Modern Gillet Jersey

The problem with riding up mountains in summer is actually descending mountains. You ride up, you get hot and sweaty, you descend then you instantly get cold and the moisture from the sweat keeps you cold. Shivering on a bike on a fast descent is not a good thing. In the days of old school racing – spectators at the top of the mountain pass would give riders newspaper to put down the front of their jerseys to block the wind for the descent, thus keeping them warmer and safer.

Below is a modern day take design for a versatile jersey with side panels that can transform into a wind vest.