Sustainable SaddleRoll

One of my friends asked me if I could create a roll from a used Chrome bag of theirs. The bag was a 15yr old single strap messenger bag that had seen some crashes and some hard wear. The strap was broke and was headed for recycling but more more likely landfill. I liked the idea of reuse so I jumped into it.

Finding areas on the bag to salvage. I wanted the least worn parts of the material as I wanted to keep some structure and water repellency. Luckily Chromebags are made from high grade stuff, in fact the same material that I make virgin ones from, thats normally 1000d Cordura. Also they use a heavy pvc tarp (shown in red) I decided to use this also for the internal flap on the roll. It’s a little stiffer in hand, so i’m hoping it will fold up and roll in a flexible manner.

My friend would be using this to carry bigger tubes for his gravel bike, (35-43mm) I wanted to try a different method of securing the tube in the roll to improve the actual rolling and giving more pocket space. I came up with this mid harness design made with elastic that could stretch and accommodate different tube sizes without bunching or taking up unnecessary room.

The black and red aesthetic of the original bag was working great and I even used some PVC segments as strengtheners between the pockets. I reached a point where I had a lot of questions and some untested ideas that I wanted to run by someone. A quick coffee meet did the trick to share those ideas, get another perspective and discuss what tools went in the roll. You can see the elastic harness in practice here.

Back to the drawing board for a little while with a few ideas up my sleeve to make this design even better. Addressing improvements in the pockets and making the elastic a touch smaller to free up space elsewhere.

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